Nuff Nang

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Il Bocconcino

Via Ostilia 23, 00184 Roma

After a full day at the Colloseum and then the Musei Capitolini, it was time for a hearty dinner. Il Bocconcino is a cosy little restaurant just a few minutes walk from the Colloseum. I loved the red checked table covers, quirky little ornaments and *ahem* rather cute and not to mention extremely helpful waiter.

We have since discovered that restaurants in Rome generally charge you for their bread baskets even if you do not eat any. And if they dont, a 'coperto' (cover charge) will be added to your bill. It is also virtually impossible to get tap water served at your table - it is always either naturale or frizzante.

AS had the Rigatoni ala Carbonara at EUR8.00 which was very good. Made with good quality pancetta in a light sauce. Compared to our first night in Rome, this was world's apart. No scrambled eggs here thats for sure. The only, very minor complaint was the salt content which was on the high side.

I had the Tagliolini con Ragout di Anatra e Timo (Pasta with minced duck and spices) at EUR10.50. There were some lovely yet subtle meaty flavours here. The pasta was not quite as delicate as Il Pompiere but more than decent by any London standards.

As far as main courses go, Ill Bocconcino served up hot and hearty, simple meals. Not quite gastronomic but certainly wholesome and very rustic.

Dessert however, well...
For dessert we had Fondante al Ciocolato (Chocolate Fondant) at EUR6.00 which was served warm with a light custard cream. The fondant was absolutely divine, very rich, very moist and very delicious! The delicate custard at just the right consistency was a perfect compliment.

Tiramisu at EUR6.50 was light and refreshing, a welcome contrast to the richness of the fondant. Although Il Pompiere's tiramisu tops my list, AS preferred Il Bocconcino's offering for precisely the reasons I favoured the other. The tiramisu here was lighter and not quite as decadent as Il Pompiere's but good all the same.

We also had 1/2 litre of the house red wine which was perfectly drinkable and quite a bargain at EUR6.00. Our total bill came to EUR40.50 which we considered reasonable for our 4 courses, wine and bread.

I'll certainly be back!