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Monday, 14 December 2009

Societe Lutece

Piazza Monte Vecchio 17, Roma

An ecclectic somewhat 'boho' yet more than trendy bar, Societe Lutece is perfect for travellers who want to feel like part of Rome's in crowd. Almost impossible to find, with an unassuming entrance, this bar is arty and modern yet somehow lost in time. Old fashioned Italian classics set the atmosphere and makes you dream of an ancient, much grander Rome.

Between 6.30pm and 10pm daily, the bar hosts an 'apperitivo', essentially an 'eat all you can' buffet table for the price of a drink. I ordered a white russian which was made with 2 shots of vodka and 2 shots of kahlua for only EUR8. I cant say I know anywhere decent in London where you can 4 shots for less than GBP8! What a bargain! Especially when we saw the spread they had put on.

Although aperitivo's are not usually meant as a full meal, there is more than enough to go round, keeping your tummy filled until your next meal. The fare at Societe Lutece consisted of cold dishes but there are other aperitivo bars that also serve hot dishes. This aperitivo is perfect for cooling down on summer evenings.

We started with crudites which were served with five different dips and dressings, all delicious!

Then we moved onto the cous cous dishes - there were four! A vegetarian dish with a wholesome tomato base, cauliflower salad, mixed garden cheese salad, an apple and cinnamon salad, plenty of fresh bread and a number of other dishes too. The food here was generally very good. The apple and cinnamon salad was my personal favourite and both AS and I had three helpings each!

I loved the quirkiness of this experience although this cold aperitivo couldnt quite be billed as heartwarming fare in the chill of winter. Nonetheless, I will certainly be back in the summer.

PS Stay well clear of the toilets, they are pretty dismal, wet floors to boot! If you plan on checking this place out, I recommend you go early. The music changes to some sort of strange Euro funk from 8pm and doesnt get any better.

PPS Oh yes, and carnivours need not apply.

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